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Cold Room Storage Solutions in London

At CSR we offer rental and lease options for all of our products. These short, medium and long term finance solutions will allow your business to expand at the rate you need it to. Our cold storage units can be rented across London and with our modular cold rooms, the installation is quick and easy.

Check out our recent custom installation in London


Greater Flexibility

Our cold room storage rent London options are designed to meet your businesses unique needs as each room is bespoke built. This is highly suitable to businesses that are increasing production, responding to changes in the market or are simply looking to update their cold storage.


Financial Benefits

Having predictable expenditure will allow you to make accurate budgets for the year, managing your outgoings more effectively. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership, making our products affordable to you even if you are a new enterprise. This also has additional tax benefits for your organisation.



Our cold storage support is available across London at a moment’s notice, 24/7. This is provided at no added cost throughout the hire period. Emergency call outs are prioritised so that all our clients can keep their cold rooms working at their full capacity.

If you would like more information, please give us a call on 0800 122 3308. We’ll be happy to talk everything through with you at a time that suits you.