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Commercial walk in freezers

Commercial walk in freezers

No matter what type of stock you have, from raw pet food, to frozen pizza or pharmaceuticals, we can meet your exact temperature requirements. All our commercial walkin freezers are designed and tailor-made to meet the individual needs of your business.

Commercial freezers keep your stock in optimum conditions to guarantee your quality standards are maintained, with shelving units and different storage solutions, you can easily manage your stock and rest assured that you will get an even freeze throughout.

Whichever type of commercial freezer fits your requirements, you can be sure that size and space of your premises will be catered for, as Cold Store Rentals can create bespoke units, and work to the measure of your business. Our commercial walk in freezers can also be placed outside or inside, which can also be a great space-saver, to use any surplus outside space.

Cold Store Rentals can also offer you the finance option that works best for you, full purchase, rental hire or rent-to-buy, so you can still function fully as a business, the way that suits you.


What is a commercial walk in freezer?

A commercial walk in freezer, is an industrial sized freezer that is large enough to hold commercial stock, and for people to enter and exit through a lockable door. The room is completely sealed and remains at the optimum temperature at all times, as set by you.

Our commercial walk in freezers are designed and tailored to your business needs. No matter what size commercial freezer or particular specifications you have, we can build to size and shape, and fit the ideal cold store for you.

Commercial fridges and freezers can be similar in size but vary in mechanics and design to stay at different temperatures. If you’d like to know more, or are interested in commercial fridge freezers, and would like to know which is best for your product and stock, give us a call.


We’ve fitted many walk-in freezers, such as at raw pet food specialists Cotswold Raw, and you can find out more details on here.