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Looking for a medium to long-term fridge rental? We can help.

If you are looking for small, mobile fridge or freezer rentals for short term hire including fridge trailer hiring, why not visit our partner company icehouserentals.com?

Here at Cold Store Rentals we rent, sale and lease walk in fridges and provide solutions for a huge range of fridge rental needs. Whether you are looking to rent a walk in fridge or are considering leasing commercial walk in units, we can provide all manner of tailored and bespoke solutions.

Our rental cold room fridges and freezers are designed and built to your precise requirements and can be installed indoors or outside, whatever the size and shape of your premises.


Fridge hire and rentals: the benefits of hiring a fridge or cold store

There are many benefits to renting fridges or cold stores and we’ve listed just a few below:

  • Predictable expenditure – you’ll have fixed outgoings allowing you to improve cash flow, retain valuable capital funds and plan for the future
  • Greater flexibility – businesses change and grow, and your cold store can too
  • Service and maintenance support – we will protect you from unforeseen costs and emergencies


We’re FCA approved

This means our promise to you is protected and our contracts are guaranteed.


Walk in fridge for rental or hire? What’s the cost?

Because every cold storage need is different – just like your business – the cost for cold storage will vary depending on the individual requirements. Contact us and we can discuss your needs and provide you with a competitively priced rental solution.

Please get in touch today using the form below.