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  • Air Cooled Chillers300kw Chiller
  • Water Cooled Chiller
  • Low Temperature

From 1kw to 1000kw

KoldPak’s range of hire Chillers are designed for a quick installation and start up.   If your Chiller is going off line for maintenance or breakdowns, KoldPak can handle any situation.



Air Handling UnitsAir Handling Unit

From 20kw to 300kw for heating and cooling, either to be used for 1 off events, long or short term HVAC applications and heat rejection.



Low Temp Air Handling UnitLow Temperature Air Handling Unit

From 10kw to 100kw, can operate from 0⁰C to -30⁰C all with integral defrost elements and programmable defrost cycles.  Used extensively in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.



Air Conditioning

We have a range of 5kw to 8kw split air con units.  Benefit of these units over standard office air con units is they can be positioned 30 metres from an outside air source (window/door).